Dare To Be Different: Six celebrity traits you should adopt to be successful

According to celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan Williams in order to master self-improvement all we need to do is look to the stars.

Sheridan-Williams has revealed the six celebrities we can learn from when it comes to upgrading ourselves in 2019.

She says that there are many different traits you can embody to become successful – including optimism, creativity, authenticity, advocating for and serving others, accountability, resilience, emotional awareness, a passion for personal growth or the capacity to let go.

But according to Sloan – who is partnering with Honda’s Life MOT – perhaps the most important, is to not only learn from your failures but to refuse to let others define you by them – in the style of Robert Downey Jnr.

If you are looking to model the behaviour of those who have already mastered these traits and more, the following celebrities are perfect inspiration that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future…

Tom Daley

Even though he is not yet 25 years old, Tom Daley has already shown that he is not afraid to be different and stand out from the crowd.

He trained with extraordinary dedication and drive to become Great Britain’s youngest ever European gold medalist and second youngest male Olympian in 2008 when he was just 14 years old.

He has also shown courage in his candid coming out video on YouTube in 2013 making him one of the few openly gay men in British sport.

Since then he has not only carved out a successful career as one of Britain’s best divers but has also contributed to the health and happiness of others both through his inspirational YouTube videos and his books on health and well being.

In addition, he has spoken out as an advocate for gay rights and supporter of LGBT charities thus using his high profile position to give back to his community. His marriage to Dustin Lance Black last year followed by the announcement earlier this year that he was to become a gay dad shows that Daley dares to be different in order to follow his heart and make his dreams of fatherhood and raising a family come true.

Tom stated that ‘becoming a dad has just topped everything’ in his cover interview with SLOAN! Magazine. His choice to have their child in his husband’s home country of America with the help of a surrogate is an inspiration to others who want to become parents against the odds.

It shows us all that you can achieve your dreams if you are willing to do whatever it takes and not allow yourself to be defined by the limited viewpoint of others.

Meghan Markle – Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex has always spoken up for what she believes in with tenacity, resilience to public opinion and a desire to serve the greater purpose. Prior to her marriage to one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors, Prince Harry she was most famous for playing the part of Rachel Zane in Suits while also running a website called The Tig, which features many inspirational women.

Meghan followed her heart above all else, not letting any opinion on her being the first person of mixed race to marry into the British Monarchy, nor did she get deterred by her previous marriage or alleged family issues that could have impacted even a non-high-profile relationship.

From early on she danced to her own tune with great teamwork and support from Prince Harry. Meghan attended Christmas 2017 with Harry’s family as his fiancée, making her the first royal fiancée to spend the holidays with the Royals, a privilege normally reserved for after marriage.

Once marrying into the Royal family in May 2018, certain Royal expectations were put upon Meghan however, as with many inspiring women, such conformity went against the very beauty of Meghan’s authenticity and sociability and she chose her own path.

The balance of daring to be different is to also know what you can get away with, what battles to pick and in the case of the Duchess of Sussex, which Royal protocols and expectations are not worth the fight.

The Duchess of Sussex demonstrated early on she knew to go forward as a team with a joint goal and a joint desire to pave the way for future generations.

Meghan clearly understood the responsibility afforded to her by marriage and deleted her social media accounts, retired from acting and undertook her Royal duties and public engagements, but she also continued to strive for authenticity with creative flair to serve both her new-found Royal followers and her previous fans.

Whether Meghan is granting autographs to fans, posing for hugs, writing her own wedding vows, closing her own car door or crossing her legs at public occasions, all breaches of conventional Royal protocol, she embraces being different.

This shows the world that different gets you ahead and does not prevent you from achieving your dreams, no matter how set in stone those rules appear to be.

Robert Downey Jnr

Robert Downey Jnr is the perfect example of how you do not have to be defined by your past failures.

At the beginning of 2001, he left the successful TV series Ally McBeal and was rumoured to be finished in the industry after checking in to rehab and further arrests since his first time in an LA Jail in 1997.

Public opinion was such that even with jail time and a one-year stint in rehab his career was over, as although he had made a comeback from his first stint at rock-bottom, not many were able to pull that off twice.

It may have taken 10 years, but Robert Downey Jnr showed great resilience, persistence and strength of character resulting in becoming the highest paid actor in the world, no easy feat.

He did this by a passion for improvement, emotional awareness, creativity of reinvention and the refusal to let others define him. He strived to be different, he knew he would be a success story and he demonstrated an unshakable belief that he would do what he was born to do and provide much enjoyment to his audience.

Robert Downey Jnr’s talent shone through, and his now success was cemented when he landed the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man, not to mention fell in love and became a father.

He has a far more balanced life, having tackled his past head on, and then left it firmly behind him.

No matter what your beliefs about what has come before, a different path is awaiting you ahead.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen has transformed herself more than once – she partook in many different professions before finding where her true passion lay. Ellen was an oyster shucker, painter, waitress and even a paralegal but her passion was always with comedy.

Possibly most famous for her breakthrough writing and starring in her own sitcom Ellen, all was seemingly rosy for her, until she decided to come out. This was something Ellen did for herself to be more authentic and give her the space to be creative and take her life to the next level, without having to hide part of herself from her fans.

Before she knew it, she had lost her agent, lost her job, had her show cancelled and had the LGBT community turn on her as they felt her story was saturating the airwaves and column inches.

Unsurprisingly, Ellen ended up at an all time low. Successful people are extremely emotionally aware and when they are not able to continue to be, they seek outside help.

Ellen did just this, she had dared to be different and it had momentarily thrown her a curve ball. She sought out help of a therapist and took anti-depressants until she felt able to climb out of the mental space she was understandably in and work on her resilience and creativity to serve her audience as she had once done.

Cut to today where not only does Ellen have an amazing talk show that strikes a chord with millions, she has a beautifully happy home life with the delightful Portia De Rossi and is estimated to be worth around 400 Million dollars putting her in the top 12 highest paid celebrities in the world.

Daring to be different may not go as smoothly as one would like in the first instance, but it is important to be persistent and relentless in your pursuit of the end result.

Had Ellen given up half way through it would be a disservice to her many adoring fans now. Ellen shows us to go the distance and it is OK to ask for help along the way.

Matthew McConaughey

Not all celebrities that dare to be different have hit rock bottom, some have just been typecast and want to explore their creativity a little further.

Matthew McConaughey is a great example of that, he was originally known for his part in ‘Dazed and Confused’ but then became typecast in romantic comedies, which limited his breadth and scope of what he could do as an actor.

Matthew is a very inspirational person, not only was his Oscar acceptance speech one that inspired many, he is well known in the motivational industry.

Matthew dared to be different, he started pushing for roles that stretched him and took him out of his comfort zone so he could grow and develop and ultimately offer more to his audience.

As seen with all successful people, the optimism that no matter what, being different was going to produce results because they would not accept average, they would be relentless in the pursuit of their dreams to the successful outcome.

Matthew proved daring to be different was worth it and was nominated for an Emmy for ‘True Detective,’ won an Oscar, a Screen Actor’s Guild award for outstanding performance and a Golden Globe for ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ and he also starred in the highly successful ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

James Corden

James Corden started out being known for his comedic personality with a larger than life frame when he rose to fame on the TV show Fat Friends, which highlighted the ups and downs of a group of overweight pals that had issues with their bodies.

However, life did not imitate art and from a young age James knew that having unshakable self-belief would get him ahead in life.

Since school, he was aware he faced two choices in life and he dared to be different rather than let body image define him and shake his confidence.

Instead of making himself smaller, he made himself larger in personality. He realised that instead of being the target of negative attention because of his weight, he could use his larger-than-life confidence to become an even bigger target for the positive attention that deflected negativity and challenged people’s prejudices.

James embraced who he was and created opportunities to showcase his acting talent while happily playing characters with larger physiques, such as Smithy in the hit show Gavin and Stacey.

James never agreed with the Hollywood notion set out by romantic comedies that heavier people don’t fall in love or that you need a six pack to attract success. Although frustrated by the narrow view of the movie industry, James did not let that deter him from forging a career in the States.

He focused on where he wanted to be and did not deviate off course ensuring that his differences were also his strengths. His confidence and honesty has seen him succeed as the host of The Late Late Show and has been nominated for numerous awards while forever being known as the creator and star of Carpool Karaoke.

Even with the demands of living a celebrity life, James has stayed grounded and focused on his family. He is happily married to a gorgeous wife and has three lovely children without any hint of gossip or scandal in over six years of marriage.

Although he works in Los Angeles, James has not given up on his London roots and has kept his distinctive accent and even brought The Late Late Show to London twice.

He is proud to be British and stand out from the crowd as shown by his comments at the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex when he stated that they brought Britain and the world together and he was so pleased to part of their special day.

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