Breathing Exercise For Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety, you’ll be all-too familiar with the feeling of your heartrate increasing and pounding in your chest, which may leave you feeling even more worried. This fight-or-flight response is a natural instinct whenever we feel fear, but if you often find yourself feeling breathless and anxious in everyday situations such as social events or a busy day at work, these symptoms can become a problem. However, it is possible to shift your nervous system and slow your racing heart with breathing exercises.

Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams suggests people with anxiety practice breathing techniques as much as possible for them to be most effective, and recommends meditation and mindfulness classes as a way to regulate breathing and switch focus. “If a weekly yoga class works for you, put that in place. Alternatively if a daily morning breathing routine sets up your day, you won’t be overdoing it. Putting added pressure on yourself to do a routine a set number of times per week is counterproductive. Instead mix and match anxiety reducers that work for you and have a little fun with it.”

Sloan added: “It is important to apply self-care, whether that is creating a home spa environment, going for a walk in the park, re-framing anxiety into excitement, watching YouTube videos around the topic or working with a life coach or therapist to finally banish your anxiety once and for all. It’s also important to put yourself first and carve out a little me time where you can.”

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