20 Things Life Coaches Can Help You Achieve

Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan Williams shares 20 things that a life coach can help you achieve…

I have been called many things from a life coach to a success and wellness consultant but what they all have in common is I help clients get the dreams they both deserve and desire. If you want to lose weight and get fit you hire a personal trainer, but when one wants to make a change in their life inevitably they tend to go to their friends, sweep problems under the carpet or put off taking action. Here are the top 20 ways that hiring a life coach can benefit you to give you insight in to what a coach actually does.

1. How to maximise contentment

Working with a life coach has been shown to improve people’s sense of satisfaction and fulfilment helping them to live more contented lives focusing on positive action moving forward rather than negative thought patterns which hold them back.

2. How to live within abundance

Life coaching not only helps you get more out of life but it also shifts your focus to appreciate everything you do have at present and allows you to approach life being grateful for the abundance around you rather than purely focusing on that which you do not possess.

3. How to create clarity

A life coach will ask you powerful questions which help you drill down to how internal and external factors are really affecting you enabling you to see things as they really are and not worse than they are. With this clarity you can then move forward unhindered to achieve your goals.

4. How to develop an unshakeable belief in yourself

Building strong foundations and positive belief systems within yourself will enable you to develop an unshakeable belief in yourself and your capabilities which gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams and not be limited by the perceptions of others.

5. How to raise your standards

Life coaching teaches you the important lesson that the route to happiness is not based on the uncertainty of the external world meeting your expectations but on the certainty that you will live by the high standards that you have set for yourself.

6. How to set boundaries

Lowering your expectations does not mean you should be a pushover. Life coaching helps you learn to respect yourself and demand the respect of others by setting clearly communicated boundaries and acting immediately enforce a boundary if someone crosses it.

7. How to stay on the track of love not fear

Life operates on two tracks, the track of love and the track of fear. Living in the track of fear will mean you never reach your true potential and your life will be severely challenged. Living in the track of love will bring more positive energy into your life and allow you to focus on that which adds value to your existence.

8. How to develop focus

Many people live unfocused unbalanced lives where they struggle to get things done and never quite get to where they want to go. Life coaching reduces those “squirrel” moments so that you stay focused and in control which is a more helpful state of being to achieve great results.

9. How to take action

Life coaching gives you access to the rewards of taking action and making positive steps forward rather than procrastinating or being purely reactionary so that you start to make things happen rather than be passive and let things happen to you.

10. How to take personal responsibility

Working with a life coach allows you to realise that blame, resentment, anger and other negative emotions are unhelpful and that taking personal responsibility and being accountable will put you in a more powerful position living a life of integrity.

11. How to improve balance

The tips and techniques you learn during life coaching will enable you to reduce stress and find balance in your life so that you are devoting enough time to each area of life and satisfying your emotional needs in a balanced way.

12. How to communicate more effectively

Communication is key to building strong healthy relationships with others in both your personal and professional life. A good life coach will show you how the principles of transactional analysis can help you communicate assertively to gain the respect and support of those around you.

13. How to take your life to the next level

If you do what you’ve always done then you will get what you’ve always got. Coaching is not just for those who have specific problems but it is also for anyone who wants to be more successful in life and learn how to break through the barriers they face to take things to the next level.

14. How to give more purpose and meaning to your life

Life coaching enables you to tackle everything that is holding you back from being the extraordinary version of yourself. Overcoming these issues will give you more time to focus on higher goals which will help give yourself a purpose in life and give your life more meaning on a spiritual level.

15. How to satisfy your emotional needs

The long lasting results you achieve through life coaching will work towards satisfying the six emotional needs of comfort, variety, connection, significance, personal growth and contribution so that you live a happier more fulfilled life.

16. How to silence your inner critic

Negative self-talk and constant internal criticism chips away at your confidence and prevents you from reaching your full potential. Working with a life coach shows you powerful ways to silence your inner critic and shift your focus towards a more positive state of mind.

17. How to learn post traumatic growth

We are all familiar with PTSD and most of us are aware of stress and maladaptive behaviour that can result from a traumatic experience. The best life coaches help their clients not only develop coping strategies to deal with the negative emotions caused by PTSD but also help them learn to grow through trauma so they face the future in the most positive way.

18. How to harness the power of intuition

Life coaching helps people make better judgements and trust their instincts so that they continue to control their impulses and make the best decisions for their lives long after the coaching session has ended.

19. How to create momentum

Life coaching helps motivate and inspire people to want the best for themselves and the best way to improve their lives and the lives of others is to create momentum through taking action and staying on track. This constant progression forward is the key to living a fulfilled and contented life.

20. How to function at optimal performance

The tips, tricks and techniques one learns during life coaching enables people to function at optimal level and maximise their performance so that they are playing to win and staying on top of their game. They do this by creating a winners mentality and having the self determination to achieve their goals no matter what obstacles they face.

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