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ParentSauce is the essential resource to support you on your journey of parenthood. Even the busiest parent can use ParentSauce, whether you want to sign up for a single digital course, calm your senses with guided visualisations and affirmations, catch the latest video in the membership area, be mentored by Sloan, ask questions via text, video or audio in the designated member’s area or just begin your coaching journey. All of these approaches will help you decipher the code behind parenting yourself to raise amazing kids. There is something for every parent, every budget no matter how little spare time you have.

Grab Your Goals

If you feel like the demands of life, work and parenthood don't leave enough hours in the day, ParentSauce is the solution you've been looking for to allow you to spend your valuable time doing more of the things you love without compromising on what really matters. You only get one life, and you can either drift through life and hope to make it through with only a few minor cuts and scrapes or you can live life making every second count - happy, content and free to achieve your most important dreams. A meal can be just a meal that gets you through the day, but add the right sauce and something magical happens. Your taste buds become alive, you experience the meal at a whole different level. Whether you choose tomato ketchup or a red wine sauce, there is no denying your meal tastes better with sauce. Likewise, life is better with sauce, what sauce is up to you. How you Get The Sauce is laid out for you step by step by Sloan in her courses and membership program.

Here’s an insight into what you’re getting with ParentSauce. You are learning:-

Beat The Boom & Bust

It is easy to burn out when you give a project your all and then break from it only to push hard again. This is not a sprint; your life is a marathon and you need the proper mental training and strategies to get the best out of your mind.

Cut Through Confusion

Learn to channel your focus to where it needs to be & step out of your comfort zone effortlessly with one small change to your approach. Cut through the confusion of conflicting parenting advice & learn proven strategies for success for you & your child.

Manifest Success

Manifestation techniques and affirmations to help create your desires at lightning speed without any limiting beliefs bringing you down to average. No more feeling left behind at the school gates. Eye-opening new approach that every parent should know.

Networking For All

Understand how to create the right connections to find the right opportunities and discover the secret to finally seeing the opportunities that are all around you right now regardless of your network. This simple truth will be a real eye-opener for both you and your child.

Healthy Productive Habits

You will master the habits of the truly successful, with a clear no to living on a chance your dreams may come true. There is not just one path to success, but you need to know the truth about habit transformation strategies for a successful journey for you and the wellbeing of your child.

Clarity & Alignment

How to get clarity on what you really want and align with where you need to be to make your soul smile, even if you still have no clue where you want to be. If you aren’t aligned with your purpose, it will always feel like an uphill struggle, you need to not only know your life vision but feel deeply connected to it.

NeuroHacks For Life

The one thing you must do and the one thing you must avoid to rewire your brain for the extraordinary and gain momentum towards your goals without any fear of failure.

Focus & Determination

Channel your focus to where it needs to be & step out of your comfort zone effortlessly with this small change to your approach to get the life you desire for you & your family.

Fearless Living

Develop the courage to make room for success using the 5 principles behind being BRAVE to achieve the fastest possible results & break free of fears & doubts that hold you back.

The Brainchild of Celebrity Life Coach

Sloan has developed a strategic methodology that works time and time again in helping clients Get The Sauce. She has worked with celebrities on their comebacks after having children, CEO’s on turning their companies around while still making time for their children, individuals after divorce or hard life setbacks while keeping everyone’s eye on what’s important for the children and their empowerment. Sloan works with those who know they can get more out of life but are just not sure what step to take next.

Find Out More

You've got to do the course to get the sauce and take your life to the next level so you can give your family the lifestyle they desire and deserve

The WHY Behind ParentSauce

You may already have a sauce that gets you through life, but know in your heart it’s time for a change. If on reading this you know you want more out of life, if you know there are things you want to achieve but haven’t got round to it yet, if there are things you long to do but don’t have the time, focus, motivation or finances to make it happen then Sloan's courses and membership program is for you.  It often only takes just one extra ingredient to make that sauce pop full of flavour. Successful people don’t always know how they are going to get their craziest of dreams, they only focus on the fact they were going to get it. Just like you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it, many won’t know how to do something until after they’ve done it. However, if you become a Power Parent, you will have all the answers and get it right the first time. Sloan says "I know parenting isn't considered easy. As a mother myself, I too have navigated the parenting minefield, joined the sleep deprivation society and at times been torn between the conflicting information out there. I have seen first-hand parents being disempowered as their emotions have taken over. I started ParentSauce to help parents solve their parenting problems from a place of empowerment by reducing anxiety, confusion and time taken finding the right solutions for them."

Are You Holding Back From Living Your Best Life?

Life Happens To You

You have trouble facing challenges and see them as things that happen to you not for you and life is unfair

Fear of Failure

You don’t like to try anything new for fear of failure or you feel bitter about things not going your way


You hesitate or procrastinate especially when you come face to face with a decision or opportunity

Blaming Others

It comes naturally for you to blame others for your misfortunes

Angry & Negative

You criticise others or find yourself being angry or negative on a more regular basis

Teamwork Issues

You have trouble working in a team to get the results you need

Anxious & Unsure

You feel anxious about the future and unsure about the direction your life is heading.

Stuck & Overwhelmed

You feel stuck in a rut, confused about life and overwhelmed in general.

Poor Performance

Your performance at work is less than you would like and isn't improving.

How Parent Sauce can help...

Don't Box Yourself In - Break The Code

Our problem is, we often set goals that are too small. We box ourselves in and only aspire to do a fraction of what we can actually achieve. That’s because somewhere along the way we lost our self-belief. We diminished it to far less than we are worth. We sucked the inspiration out by limiting ourselves to doing what we think we can do or merely repeating what we’ve already done. Repetition may lead to predictable results, but predictability does not excite the soul. There is comfort watching the same film more than once, knowing you are going to be taken on a journey that you can rely on, but if there was only one film on repeat for the rest of your life – how inspired would you be after a day, a week, a month or a year? Would you really want to live your life like that? Does your child not deserve more than average? You are not alone, even people who have achieved great things before can fall into this trap of being stuck, even the most dedicated of go getters aim too low. Here at ParentSauce, we want you to not only go for what you really want in life, but to really understand that it is possible, it is real and it can be yours. We help you break the code and reveal the secrets to lasting change. It won’t come easy but it will be simple. There will be work involved. You will need to be accountable for not only choosing a dream big enough of your attention but also for your focus on that dream until you attain it. You will need to let go of the need to reject an idea because of the negative voice from inside or your friends, peers, colleagues saying it is too hard, or it will fail or you aren’t good enough.

Want To Be A Power Parent - Start Today

ParentSauce teaches you what you are really capable of achieving and helps you on your path to not only dream big but achieve big. With knowledge comes potential power, with action comes unlimited power. Signing up is the first step on your ParentSauce journey. The courses and.or membership help you take action every day, week and month towards becoming an empowered parent, no matter how small or how little time you have. Constant movement forward ensures you real growth and most of all freedom. You learn how to set and achieve your goals, with foundations that support a strong sense of belief in yourself and that which you can create and achieve greatness for you and your children. You learn the essential elements to a contented life. Once you learn these principles you can apply it to any goal you wish to achieve and use it to raise amazing children. Understanding the building blocks of success is the fuel to the journey towards your dreams. There is no end to what you can achieve, and best of all you can have fun throughout the journey and not have to wait to reach your destination before seeing the rewards.

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams says:

"Having spent the last 17 years helping couples struggling with infertility issues, stay-at-home parents launching start-ups, mothers with fears surrounding pregnancy and birth, single parents navigating the minefield of dating, top executives in big businesses creating the ultimate work-life balance and coaching parents to bring up emotionally empowered children resilient to peer pressure I thought I would be prepared for parenthood. And although I had the knowledge, it was the implementation that needed fine-tuning. I created ParentSauce - an informative and motivational online membership site to empower modern parents. To allow mums and dads all over the world to receive first-class advice to intensify their life, no matter what their age, even if they think it’s too late, even if they have no faith in themselves because I have faith big enough for the both of us. This belief isn't hope. It comes from two decades of watching people succeed with my strategies without fail. Consistency, no matter how small a change always reaps rewards. Children around the world deserve to have the amazing brought out of them and parents deserve to be empowered no matter how tired, confused or overwhelmed they might feel."

Get The Right Sauce For You

ParentSauce teaches you how to stay focused on your goals, working step-by-step towards that which inspires you, shifting your perception of who you can be, who you want to be and the amazing things that you can create that will make a difference to your life, to the lives of those you love and to those you wish to include in your vision.

The first step in ParentSauce is to find the ingredients to you perfect Power Parent sauce. You can choose to focus on your peace of mind, your confidence, your health, your motivation, your finances, or drill deeper into a much more structured goal of finding your purpose, raising amazing kids, losing the last stubborn fat sitting on your hips, building your dream business, inventing that device that changes lives. Whatever your dream, ParentSauce is your secret weapon to hitting the target time and time again on that which you wish to achieve to enable you to have the time and money to raise your children your way. To start on the road to being a power parent, you first need to be the best version of you for yourself, and throughout your journey you will have ParentSauce specific challenges and coaching to help take your child no matter their age on the journey with you, but you must always work on you to get the best for your children. Whether you want to be financially free, own your own home and have time to spend with your family or perhaps you need strategies to boost your confidence to get ahead, or as a secret weapon to open yourself up to opportunities to school your children privately or at home. ParentSauce has the answers.


You can choose to sign up to as little or as much as you like. Sloan offers live monthly coaching and question opportunities, group mentor sessions and coaching tips, power word videos, intention setting worksheets and powerful affirmations available to you each and every month, you will never have to accept average in your life and can easily grow into the bigger version of yourself that you were meant to be without being overwhelmed or stuck ever again. When you sign up to as a member you get access to all the courses where you can work through to create clarity, alignment, action, and results – beyond what you are currently experiencing. Alternatively, just choose the course that is right for you and work at your own speed. Alternatively, go VIP, there are literally no limits to where the VIP group mentor sessions can take you.

The “cost” of membership works out at less than £10 a week but the “price” of not doing the program is far greater than any monetary value. If you like the sound of the course, but hesitate at spending money on yourself or fear the unknown then you need to make a decision, would you regret not having done it more than risking the price of a meal out to change your life.

Self Study, Digital Seminars or Group Mentoring - You Decide...

Life Won't Wait So Why Hesitate?

Above is just a taster of the proven strategies that are going to take you from where you are now to the extraordinary life you were destined to lead. You can’t get this collection of strategies anywhere else, let alone for this price. Sloan has developed these techniques over two decades of coaching and has not only put them together in a simple way to make this course applicable to anyone who wants more out of their life with changes noticeable from your first decision to move forward. Being a Power Parent does need you to take action but it is specifically designed for people who are being pulled in a million different directions, from obligations they need to satisfy and from drains that they need to learn to say no to. Whether you are a busy parent or a CEO who has many demands on their time, no matter the time you cannot achieve long term success without focus and a clear approach to your goal. Parent Sauce works with you at your pace with clear, concise objectives every week. There is no pressure so long as you are moving forward, you can slow down how much you take on each week or go at full pelt

  • Power Parents know how to raise children to lead extraordinary lives
  • Power Parents stay calm and confident in the chaos
  • Power Parents know what it means to be grateful, joyful and fulfilled
  • Power Parents understand the key to parallel parenting
  • Power Parents know how to influence their child’s development
  • Power Parents appreciate the benefits of homeschooling
  • Power Parents continue to learn and grow as individuals
  • Power Parents set an amazing example for their child
  • Power Parents know how to make 3D parenting work for them
  • Power Parents are aligned with the 5 Core Values of parenting
  • Power Parents have the means to travel the world with their child.

Want To Ask Questions And Have Sloan Answer You Directly

Digital Courses or Become A Member - You Decide

Digital Courses

Work at your own pace and choose the right course for your needs one course at a time. Watch out for new courses as they are often offered at promotional prices.

Digital Membership

Group mentoring and new videos uploaded regularly with uniquely talented celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams. She helps you working through your specific goals in a community that lifts you up. All courses are included if you choose Digital Membership.


Those who choose to mentor with Sloan one-to-one get one of the most powerful personalised mentoring programmes for the VIP lifestyle you truly deserve. You’ll effortlessly apply the strategies and attract opportunities, develop your business and life while managing your time and finances at a whole new level. With Spotlight sessions to enhance not only your goals but allow others to mastermind with you to get high level thinkers contributing to your success, this VIP community is always focused on what’s best for its members. No longer will you have to waste time figuring out what works because you will have all the answers in a step-by-step approach to implement just like painting by numbers. You’ll also have Sloan holding you accountable to help you expand beyond your expectations towards the extraordinary with super-fast results.

To book Sloan for a 1-to-1 or an event

We have the solution for you...

Our mission is to help you get the life you desire for you and your family

How different would your life be if you had access to expert advice and live webinars from a celebrity life coach and tried-and-tested strategies that would not only help you give your child the best start in life and allow you to excel as a successful modern parent but also gave you the tools to create your dream lifestyle for you and your loved ones?

All you need to do is learn the strategies to become a Power Parent and how to implement them, and you could have more financial freedom, location freedom and time freedom allowing you to be the best version of yourself and the best parent to your child.

Are you ready to transform your life

And Your Family's Life?

7 Strategies You Will Learn When You Sign Up

Here are seven more things you will learn:

  • How to develop your emotional intelligence
  • How to set clear intentions to chase real happiness and success, not false wants created my media and peer pressure
  • How to turn your potential power into powerful personal power
  • How to turn fear on it’s head, slap it in the face and get your power back
  • How to build unlimited confidence without the chance of it turning nto arrogance, and using this new power to harness the unstoppable force within you to achieve your wildest dreams
  • How to take a good look at yourself and your life and create a more aligned life vision that really makes your soul smile
  • How to deal with obstacles life throws at you in a way that serves your highest purpose, making you grateful for those challenges and embracing the next ones that come your way as lesson that happen for you not to you

"I created ParentSauce as an informative and motivational online membership site on modern parenting to allow mums and dads all over the world to receive first-class advice and guidance. I can't wait to share The SLOAN SOLUTION with you. See you soon!"


Get The Sauce

If you want to change even just one thing in your life, and you haven’t achieved it yet then this program is for you. There are so many good reasons why successful people get coaching even when things are going well as you can always dream bigger. However, it isn’t just moving towards the positive that inspires people to take up coaching.

Whether you are coming from a positive place and just want faster results or you are moving away from a negative painful place, we are ready to help you to start taking action TODAY, with its simple step-by-step guide for how to achieve the life you deserve, it no longer matters where you have come from only where you would like to get to.

Empowered Parents Say...

Being a gay dad can be challenging and has many ups and downs but Parent Sauce has given me confidence that I can be the best parent for my little one.


Gay dad

Parent Sauce helped me understand that I wasn’t alone and could find out the best information to bring up my baby the right way!


First-time mum

There’s not a lot out there aimed at new dads. Parent Sauce made me feel significant and valued as a father.


Dad of one

Parenthood can be confusing. This website cuts through the confusion and gives simple practical advice for new parents.


Single mum

Digital Coaching is for you if you want...


Want To Know How To Be A Power Parent

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